Future Students

PhD project on heatwaves and human health                                  Inquiries  sarah.kirkpatrick@unsw.edu.au                                                  Closing date: ongoing

This research project will examine the influence of anthropogenic climate change on health impacts of Australians. It will involve defining and becoming familiar with several high-impact heatwaves in the observed climatological record, and determining who is most vulnerable and from which diseases. Such analysis is likely to demonstrate regional and temporal variation and will require the analysis of climate (e.g. observations and projections from climate models) and human health (e.g. hospital admissions) data. Once the health impacts of significant heatwaves have been isolated, cutting-edge methods in detection and attribution will be employed to determine the role of anthropogenic climate change in them. We are looking for outstanding graduates with a strong academic record including an Honours Class I or equivalent. Graduates with a background in climate or atmospheric science, or similar quantitative sciences are welcome, as well as those from epidemiological sciences. While having experience in both fields is desirable, it is not essential.  The PhD program will provide an opportunity for the student to develop their skills in either field. If coming from a climate background, programming experience with Matlab, Python, R or a similar language is desirable. A $5,000 p/a top-up is provided by the Climate Change Research Centre in addition to the stipend.

Positions for new PhD students are advertised on a regular basis. If you see one advertised in the News section, or have a research project that you think we'd be interested in, please contact us!